Spring Hills Farm

Spring Hills Farm

Spring Hills Farm

North Abington Township, PA

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All our wool products, with the exception of a small about of produced yarn, are hand-crafted, all-natural, and dyed. Our fleeces and batts are 100% heritage Jacob wool, and our hand spun skeins are either 100% Jacob wool or a Jacob/Alpaca mix.

Spring Hills Farm was founded in the late forties, by our father and grandfather – now we are a small family farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania, staffed by 8 cousins and their 4 mothers, creating a line of wool projects from our Heritage breed Jacob Sheep flock that we are excited to be in making publicly available! In addition to hand spun yarn we will offer wool bats, as well as fleeces and raw wool. We are also thrilled out announce that our handspun yarn now includes (in certain skeins) alpaca from our neighboring farm, The Milkhouse Farm – we love to use materials that come from the local farming community as a part of our commitment to local production.

We are committed to turning the Farm into a low-impact agricultural endeavor that actively benefits our ecosystem, not simple avoids harming it. The twelve of us are a Family Trust, and are collectively committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly land-use. The Farm is also supported by the Spring Hills Foundation (401(c)) in our educational endeavors. We welcome groups of school-children to the farm where we show them how we make maple syrup, and in so doing we teach them about trees and good forestry habits. The farm now has a Little Free Library stocked with books which further the Foundation’s educational mandate.We aim for this land to be a source of wonder and nourishment for generations to come.The twelve us are a Family Trust, working together to make land use all-natural and sustainable, and the Farm is also supported by the Spring Hills Foundation (401(c)) in the education endeavors that we take one – teaching school-children about the life-cycle of trees and about flora and fauna, stocking a Little Free Library with both fiction and non-fiction that furthers the Foundation’s mandate to educate people so that we can all live together on, and use, the land in a way that is sustainable for generations to come.

Shipping Policy

  1. We will attempt to get your items in the mail within three business days. In the case of special orders, we will let you know at the time of order when it will be possible to get your item in the mail. 
  2. We are committed to sustainable marketing – you may find your items arriving in unusual up/re-cycled packaging! Please be assured that however unusual the packaging is, we will never use packing that puts your item at risk. 

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